Paru-Paru (Beef Lung)

Paru-Paru (Beef Lung)
Paru-Paru (Beef Lung)
Paru-Paru (Beef Lung)

Paru-Paru (Beef Lung)

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Paru-Paru Lembu - Beef Lung - Daging Sejuk Beku Allana

Paru-paru (Kelempung) adalah bahagian limpa lembu yang disejuk beku untuk menjaga kesegaran. Paru-paru sesuai dan selalunya dijadikan sambal Paru-paru lembu dan masakan nasi lemak.



Recipe for Spicy Lung


  1. Rinse the lungs
  2. Sprinkle with lime, let stand a minute, then rinse thoroughly
  3. Boil the lung with some lemon grass and some bay leaves (lung is better cut into pieces so that they are cooked evenly
  4. After that drain. Then enter the refrigerator. So it's easy when thinly sliced. Then fried
  5. Prepare seasonings

Softened seasoning :

  • For 1 kg published
  • 15 red onion grains
  • 6 garlic grains
  • Cayenne pepper according to taste

Coarse seasoning

  • 10 big big red chili

Supplementary material :

  • 100 ml English soy sauce
  • 2 Oyster sauce sachets
  • Some orange leaves
  • Air 400ml
  • Gula
  • Salt
  • Flavoring
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